Music Licensing & Copyright Compliance Made Easy

Complete Toolset Customizable on Your Copyright Compliance & Operation Needs

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Comprehensive Solutions Built for all Music-Integrated platforms

  • Music Platform

  • Video & UGC Platform

  • New Media (Games, AR/VR etc.)

  • Distributor & Administrator

Copyright Recognition

Copyright Compliance

Built to detect existing & future form of media content, Fairphonic Audio Fingerprinting empowers robust copyright recognition across variation all from a single reference track

  • Recording & Composition Detection across transmission channels
  • Effective for all Original , UGC & Reproduction Content
  • Digital Piracy Detection & Data Deduplication


Data Automation & Reporting

We do the heavy lifting to help streamline day-to-day operations & optimize product development capabilities

  • Real-time Data Analytics on Content & Royalties Accounting
  • Data Automation customizable by reporting specifications
  • Customizable Data Export – ‘ For artists’ app, internal portal , cloud server etc.


Content Acquisition

Regardless of scale, we support on your content acquisition without extensive negotiation on terms and compliance

  • Connect with Rightsholders in our ecosystem
  • Instant Content Integration & File Transfer
  • Ensure Compliance on Licensing and Copyright Terms
  • Licensing Framework & Template provided upon request

Easy Setup

Built by developers for developers, simple-API integration for full setup

Data Security

Secure and Protected, no archive or sharing of any confidential data

Full Scalable

Effective Content & Operation Solution scalable to any size


Dedicated support team & Robust documentation making it easy to get any question answered

AI Content Recommendation Engine

Driven by Qualitative Content Analysis on Understanding ‘Music Taste’ to propel targeted content recommendation:

  • Coupling with Existing Engine

  • Increase Product Stickiness & Ads CPM

  • Optimise Content Acquired

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