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AI Copyright Recognition Technology for Digital Rights Management & Monitoring

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Our Technology

A technology-first approach to Digital Rights Management

We provide a complete suite of cutting-edge software to help transform your digital rights operation

AI Copyright Recognition

Built to detect content copyright across media variation

Real-time Content Analytics

Capture content performance and royalties accounting data across platforms all in one place

Direct & Instant Royalties Payment

Automated royalties computation with payment gateway integration to verify and distribute payment accurately


Digital Media Platforms

We agonize over the right abstractions so your teams don’t need to stitch together disparate systems for copyright compliance, reporting or royalties accounting.

Reporting made easy

Automate and transform your content & copyright data with customizable reporting specifications

Future-Proof Infrastructure

Copyright Recognition applicable for all existing & new content form across media variation

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Content Rightsholders

All-You-Need Web Application with custom integrations to streamline your digital rights and royalties processing operation

Always know your content

Copyright monitoring with real-time analytics to track your content across media platforms

Access and assess your content wherever you need

Manage and audit your content library & metadata all in one place anytime, anywhere

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