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Copyright Monitoring

Track Your Content Usage Across Music & Media Platforms

Powered by Fairphonic proprietary AI Audio Fingerprint, we empower robust content & copyright tracking in:

  • Full Copyright Recognition - Recording & Composition Detection
  • Original & Reproduction Content - Cover, Remixes, Mashups etc.
  • Applicable for all Media Variation - Livestreaming, Short Video, UGC, etc.

Rights Management

Digital Rights Management

Easy and Secure Access to all your Content , Metadata and Analytics

  • Real-time Analytics on content performance & royalties generated
  • Upload & Audit your content library & metadata
  • Data Automation & Transformation based on your reporting specifiations
  • Automated Royalties Computation & Distribution via integrated payment gateway to facilitate instant & direct payment

Rights Administration

Music is Everywhere , and So Should Yours

Easy Licensing Administration to Optimize Rights & Content Performance in the digital landscape

  • Connect with platforms for opportunities across media variation
  • Explore on new opportunities for Music Licensing
  • Simple Licensing Agreement & we will do the rest of heavy lifting for you

Easy Setup

Easy integration & access anytime regardless of technical capabilities

Data Security

We take your Data Privacy seriously – no third party sharing or leakage

Full Scalable

Effective solution for Individual or Business managing millions of content rights


Flexible Technology Infrastructure to control rights management access and licensing administration.

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