Revolutionise Royalties Payment

Pay the Right Amount to the Right Creators & Artists on a Timely-Basis

Features of Fairphonic

Direct Matching of Music to Creators & Artistes

Our AI Audio Fingerprinting system can identify the original composition from each recording (including covers, remixes and mashup), thus its artists and creators.

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Real-time Royalties Computation

Royalties will be computed real-time based on the actual music usage (stream count from music platform) instead of a blanket license fee.

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Direct Payment to the Right Creators & Artistes

Payments made on a monthly basis directly to artists and creators. Tackling royalties leakage from handover across the value chain.

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Who Should Use Fairphonic?

Any platform or rights creator & artist that handles
music royalty payments

For Music Platforms

Based on our AI Audio Fingerprint, it will identify the original composition from each recording. Thereafter, on Fairphonic dashboard you can track the daily revenue and profit that your platform has made. The computation of royalties is transparent, showing the number of streams in real time. Not only that, you can also see the amount of royalties that you paid to every individual rights holder.

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For Creators & Artists

Rights Creators & Artists can monitor the amount of royalties you have made and the number of streams of your songs in real-time. Royalty payments will be transparent, you can track the amount paid to you and it payments will be made to you on a monthly basis.

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